Top Ten Fall Activities for Kids

Top Ten Fall Activities for Kids

I originally wrote this post years ago, but these are activities that stand the test of time!  Even with elementary age kiddos, these are still so much fun to do!

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Noah is being a wild and crazy two year old this week.  It’s only Wednesday and he’s already worn me out!  I’m sure some of you mommas out there know the feeling.  Since there are still several days remaining in this week, I knew I had to find a way to channel all of his energy!  Today I’m sharing my top ten picks for kids Fall activities from around the web!

  1.  Paint Pumpkins!  Our mini pumpkins were getting close to the point of needing to be thrown out, so I let Noah paint them.  He had a great time and there was virtually no set up required.  Pumpkins and paint – pretty simple!

Best Fall Activities for Kids

Stained Glass Pumpkin and Leaves – again a super simple activity!  Cut pieces of tissue paper into squares and tape contact paper cut into the shape of a pumpkin or leaf to a window.  This is so pretty when the light shines through!  Of course, being a two year old boy, Noah had a great time throwing the tissue paper pieces into the air and watching them float down to the floor.

Best Fall Activities for Kids

Play Doh Turkeys – For this activity, I shaped play doh into a turkey and gave Noah a bowl of feathers.  He had a great time making his turkey!  

Best Fall Activities for Kids

  1. Easy Marbled Fall Leaves – i heart arts and crafts
  2. Leaf Handprints – House of Burke
  3. Fall Bucket List for Toddlers – Busy Toddler (Love the pumpkin wash idea!  Now I know what to do with the rest of my pumpkins)!
  4. Pumpkin Counting Cards – Life Over C’s (Noah would be totally on board with these, since they feature trucks)!
  5. Turkey Color Match – I Heart Crafty Things
  6. Autumn Sensory Writing Tray – The Imagination Tree (hands down, one of my absolute favorite sites)!!
  7. Fall Sensory Bin – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Here’s how my take on the Fall Sensory Bin turned out!

Fall Sensory Bin Ideas

Fall Sensory Bins

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