First Day of School Traditions

First Day of School Traditions

I always love to make the first day of school feel really special.  It's another milestone, with each child moving up a grade and moving on to new adventures (queue the Mom tears).  I want my boys to walk into their new classroom on the first day filled with confidence in who they are and knowing how loved they are at home.  While I realize they feel loved in various little ways every day, I also love to create comforting traditions that they'll remember when they get older.  Milestones should be celebrated! 

Since the start of a new school year, and especially the first day, is always hectic, I get everything prepared a week or two before.  I dig out my special "back to school" banner, print and fill out the placemats for breakfast, and get the groceries for breakfast added to my list.  Creating memories and making kids feel special does NOT have to be hard!  Here's my game plan for the morning on the first day:

  • Week before: Print and fill out placemats (see below for your free download!)
  • Night before: Hang banner over kitchen table and set out placemats for breakfast.
  • First Day of School:  Make store bought cinnamon rolls (using my super easy hack for making them extra gooey and fluffy.  It's posted on my Recipes highlight on Instagram).

That's it!  We have breakfast together and talk about a few of the things I love about each of them before they head off for their first day.  Don't forget to grab your free printable here!

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