Fine Motor Play

Fine Motor Play

This fine motor play activity using straws was a favorite of Noah’s for over a year.  It is so simple to put together.  You probably already have everything you need!  It is the best entertainment for plane rides or restaurants for little ones!

Fine Motor Play Toddlers

Here’s what you need for this activity:

  • Parmesan cheese container (washed out, label removed)
  • straws (cut to fit)
  • craft pom poms
  • pipe cleaners (cut to fit)

This activity gives him great practice with fine motor skills, as he can push the straws and pipe cleaners through the holes in the lid of the container.  He can also open the bigger side of the container to push the pom poms through.  When we first started out with this activity, he was much younger, so we originally used only the straws.  As he’s gotten older, the pom poms and pipe cleaners have been a fun addition!  He’s now learned to unscrew the lid himself too!

Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers

Fine Motor Play for Toddlers

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