Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids

With Earth Day coming up, I thought I'd share some of the fun ways we are celebrating Earth Day at our house this week!

Recycled Construction Site

This is such a fun activity that can be done multiple times because it never turns out the same!  It could not be easier.  Simply set out some empty containers, boxes, tape, scissors (if your kids are old enough), pieces of scrap paper, newspaper, magazines, string etc.  Then add a few trucks, along with rocks and sticks from your yard.  Let your kids create!  My boys always create garages, cranes, signs, and piles for construction site materials.  We first did this activity with Noah when he was 2.  Isn't he just the cutest?!

Wildflower Seed Ball

The boys loved getting a little messy and making these wildflower seed bombs.  This is a really easy activity!  Here's how to do it:

1. Tear construction paper into pieces.  One piece of construction paper makes a nice sized seed bomb.

2. Soak the paper pieces in water for 20-30 minutes.

3. Squeeze the water out of the paper.  Put the paper (one color at a time) into a food processor and blend until the paper becomes a pulp.  

4. Place the pulp into a bowl and add the seeds on top.  

5.  Form into a ball.

6.  Plant!  You will need to plant the ball under a thin layer of dirt and water.


Recycled Tic Tac Toe

 We have a rock area in our backyard, which has always been fun for the boys.  This activity could not be easier!  Pick out 10 flat rocks.  Write X's on 5 and O's on 5.  Use a piece of sidewalk chalk to make a tic tac toe board.  Play!


My boys love to read to learn about things on their own.  Here are a few of our favorite nature books from over the years.


Nature Center

 Check online to see if you have a local nature center!  We do and it's always such a cute place to visit.  It's in a park with beautiful walking trail.  Take the kids for a visit to your local nature center or hit up some local walking trails to enjoy time out in nature.

Happy Earth Day!



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